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What is the recommended method for installation?

We recommend a certified, trained dealer install your Seakeeper Ride system to ensure steps are followed correctly, allowing for safe and secure operation following installation. While it is possible for a skilled technician without training to follow the installation instructions without support, we highly encourage you to use the expertise of our dealer network.

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Can I install Seakeeper Ride myself?

The installation of Seakeeper Ride requires technical understanding and the ability to accurately measure, sand and/or grind gel coat, use Methyl Methacrylic Adhesives (MMAs), adhere to strict torque specifications, wire and understand other electrical connections. All of our manuals and instructions are publicly available, and you may have the tools, resources, and skills necessary to successfully complete an installation, however, we recommend a trained dealer complete all installations.

What tools do I need to install Seakeeper Ride?

Tools needed for Mechanical Installation and Electrical Installation can be found in our Manuals.

Where can I purchase the required Methyl Methacrylic Adhesives (MMA) required for installation?

Currently, approved adhesives may be purchased through your chosen dealer, if available. While we’re working on additional avenues to provide adhesives to our dealers, they may or may not have the availability to provide these materials to you. Please confirm MMA supplies are available before purchasing your system.

Download the BILT App and search for “Seakeeper Ride” for step-by-step instructions and diagrams for mechanical installation, electrical installation, and commissioning. 

Review Seakeeper Ride Manuals online fully to determine if you can complete the system’s installation without assistance. 


If you choose to install Seakeeper Ride without the expertise of a dealer, you are responsible for all aspects of successfully completing the installation. For assistance or support, you should contact the dealer from whom you purchased the system. 

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