Seakeeper Ride | Auto Boat Leveling System for 31-35 Ft Boats

Letting pitch and roll ruin your time on the water is so last year. Seakeeper Ride 600 has enough power to level your 31-35-foot vessel.

For Boats
31 – 35 ft
Blade Size
600 mm (~24 in.)
Power Draw
12V 7-8A @ Cruising Speed
Retail Price

*excludes installation, taxes, freight, and customs duties

System Components

(2) Port and Starboard Controllers

Seakeeper Ride controllers are installed on the transom on either side of the engine(s)

Keypad (Optional)

Physical, mountable keypad that can be used outside of the MFD application

Software Module

The “brain” of the system that includes Seakeeper’s proprietary software and motion sensors

Distribution Module

Provides power and communication between the controllers and the software module

User Interface

User Interface is compatible with select Garmin, Simrad and Raymarine MFDs. MFD is not included in Seakeeper Ride equipment.

Dancing Across the Ocean

Dr. Joe

Regulator 31 – Seakeeper Ride 600

“Game changing!! No more constant trimming!! Minimal to no bow rise on hole shot!! I love it on my 31. Dancing across the ocean!!”

Well Worth the Money

Tyson Shearer

2024 Mamba 24vx – Seakeeper Ride 450

What can I say…the Ride system is a gamechanger, Just one press of a button and the smoothest ride ever. Integrates with my Raymarine. Well worth the money.”

This is the Future!

Rob Hammerling

Chris-Craft Launch 31GT – Seakeeper Ride 600

“Every bit as game changing as the original Seakeeper gyroscopic system was when it became available in 2014. This is the future!”

Great Results

Seagate Marine Sales

EdgeWater 262CC – Seakeeper Ride 525

“We witnessed great results in a variety of sea conditions but were most impressed with how the system controlled the attitude of the boat in a head sea and while quartering. We are excited to see @seakeeper.ride now standard on 2024 @edgewaterboats models 26’ and up!”

Eliminate up to 70% pitch and roll underway

Nothing compares to the first-of-its-kind Vessel Attitude Control System, Seakeeper Ride, which can eliminate up to 70% pitch and roll underway. Our proprietary, rapid-deployment rotary blades make 100 adjustments every second to combat wave motions, providing unmatched performance.

Boats Available with

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